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Tufflite Fabric

The strongest school bags available just got stronger and lighter!
Introducing Tufflite. Our strongest and lightest fabric ever. Tufflite is a revolutionary nylon developed by Spartan.

What is Tufflite?
It is a custom woven nylon backed with polyurethane (PU). Tufflite, just like our previous bag fabric, meets strict EU Reach standards. The PU backing replaces our previous PVC (non-phthalate) lining.
Independant laboratory testing proves that Tufflite resists abrasion, piercing and tearing more than our previous performance fabrics, yet it allows us to make our bags up to 22% lighter! Just look at the weight comparisons below:

School Bag Performance Nylon Tufflite Nylon Difference
Omnipak Large
ChiropakII XL
SmartpakII XS
SmartpakII L


More ergonomic!
We have reduced the amount of slack in the webbing at the base of our shoulder straps by up to 50%. This encouranges the wearer to carry the bag correctly by reducing the amount of potential sag.

The new look!
Our performance range of bags also have a new look, with reversed zips that provide a more modern look and reduce abrasion, and new smoother webbing.