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At Spartan we are focused on growing our business responsibly. We care about the sustainability of the environment we live in, the customers we serve, the community we live in and for the social impact we create. Being a good corporate citizen is one of our core business values and we exhibit this in many ways.



Ethical Sourcing
We have always worked closely with our suppliers to ensure we ethically source our products. More recently we have developed and published  our own Ethical Sourcing Policy. CLICK HERE to view.

Carbon Offsets
We offset our entire company car fleet with Greenfleet - www.greenfleet.com.au. So far, this has resulted in the planting of over 1720 trees since 2016 and will be an ongoing program.

For many years we have worked to eliminate or reduce our packaging and use biodegradable packaging wherever possible. In 2015 we were proud to become a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant, one of only 1400 companies nationwide to hold this status.
Spartan signing up to the covenant signifies our commitment to further reduce the environmental impacts of packaging by:
-  designing packaging that is more resource efficient and more recyclable
-  increasing the recovery and recycling of used packaging from households
and away-from-home sources and
-  taking action to reduce the incidence and impacts of litter
CLICK HERE to view our most recent report card.
Donations of Product
We regularly donate significant amounts of product to many charities including:
-  World Vision
-  St Vincent De Paul
-  Family Life
-  Royal Children’s Hospital Appeal (via the Run for the Kids)
-  State Schools Relief fund
    We have provided large donation packs to under privileged communities in Fiji and orphanages in Papua New Guinea.
    We donated over 13,000 products including socks, hats and bags to Sri Lankan orphanages.
    We provide donation packs for school fetes and fund raising programs. Be sure to contact us before your next fund raising exercise.

    Natural Disasters
    Natural disasters have been an all too common occurrence in Australia of late. We have responded by donating stock to:
    -  Flood affected schools in Queensland
    -  Bushfire affected schools in Victoria
    -  Individual schools suffering fire damage

    Our Employees
    We encourage our staff to actively think about how we can contribute to the world we live in. We support staff initiatives and promote employee involvement in giving to the community.
    We provide fresh fruit to employees on a weekly basis, annual flu shots for all staff and actively promote a healthy work-life balance.
    Employee education and development is a strong focus at Spartan and we encourage our staff members to undertake company funded training and professional development courses.

    Global Assistance
    We donated to the Tabitha Foundation (http://www.tabitha.org.au/cms/house-building.html) to fully fund the construction of one house in a Cambodian village.